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Farmhouse’s foundation of creating amazing products started years ago when we began manufacturing the highest quality topicals. It all starts with the perfect cream and our pharmacist-formulated cannabinoid blend with a focus on overall dermal health. Our base is what sets us apart: CBD always needs a good carrier, and it’s important to us to make sure our topicals absorb without leaving oily residue. Our passion for these products and our desire to see them create real positive change in people’s lives is evident from each piece of the process, from their creation all the way to your use. From formulation to our sourcing of natural ingredients, and all the way to our ensuring an affordable price point, we seek to maximize customer reach and satisfaction with the Farmhouse brand! With Farmhouse, you get a little of it all: NON-OILY, natural ingredients, NO ANIMAL TESTING, and amazing results!

Warnings: Avoid eye contact, do not consume orally. Please read ingredients before usage to avoid allergic reactions.